Interior Design Destination

At Ethan Allen, our vision is to be the world‘s leading interior design company and creator of stylish, exceptionally crafted home furnishings and decorative accents. We want to help everyone create beautiful spaces that express who they are and what they value.

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These principles shape our culture
and guide our business decisions


We see every day as an opportunity to create something extraordinary.

changing ways

Change means opportunity—for the brand and for our employees—and we’re not afraid of it. We've weathered a lot of changes since our founding in 1932.

clients first

From concept and creation to sales and delivery, we’re focused on providing an extraordinary experience to our clients. Without them, there is no us, and we keep that top of mind, every day.


Trust, fairness, honesty, loyalty—these guiding tenets are the very foundation of our brand and ensure that we do business with pride.

entrepreneurial spirit

We value the personal leadership of every individual on our team; in fact, we count on it. It provides the sparks of inspiration and innovation that keeps us moving forward.


Whether we’re designing a new product or a new solution, we harness our own personal passions and our collective passion to do work that we love every day.


Filled with talented people from all walks of life, our team members bring their own unique point of view—it’s what make our brand so extraordinary.