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  • Outdoor Striped Pillow

    Now $90.00
    • Azure swatch Outdoor Striped Pillow
    • Soleil swatch Outdoor Striped Pillow
  • Surf Shack Pillow

    Now $65.00
    • Seaglass swatch Surf Shack Pillow
    • Navy swatch Surf Shack Pillow
  • Custom Outdoor Pillow

    from $60.00
  • Embroidered Floral Outdoor Pillow

    Now $70.00
    • Black swatch Embroidered Floral Outdoor Pillow
    • Green swatch Embroidered Floral Outdoor Pillow
    • Navy swatch Embroidered Floral Outdoor Pillow
    • Yellow swatch Embroidered Floral Outdoor Pillow
  • Linked Appliqué Outdoor Pillow

    Now $80.00
    • Green swatch Linked Appliqué Outdoor Pillow
    • Navy swatch Linked Appliqué Outdoor Pillow
  • Black and White Stripe Outdoor Lumbar Pillow

    Now $65.00
  • Blue Watercolor Outdoor Pillow

  • Stripe Outdoor Lumbar Pillow

    Now $65.00
  • Aqua Coral Outdoor Pillow

  • Gray Brushstroke Pillow

    Now $80.00
  • Strata Seaglass Outdoor Pillow

    Now $78.00
  • Balinese Outdoor Pillow

    Now $78.00
  • Bluebird Outdoor Pillow

  • Sea Turtle Outdoor Pillow

  • Crane Outdoor Pillow


Designer FAQs: Outdoor Throw Pillows

What kinds of pillow fabrics are best for outside use?

Ethan Allen’s indoor/outdoor pillows are made from solution-dyed polyester. This fabric is water, fade, and UV resistant. It also resists mold and mildew, and it’s easy to clean.

As far as which outdoor pillow colors and patterns to use, the sky’s the limit! We love to mix bold stripes or patterned pillows with coordinating solid colors. We even have outdoor pillows with hand-painted designs on the front.

You can also have custom outdoor pillows made to order in 100+ fabrics.

  • To order fabric swatches, see our outdoor fabrics.
  • For inspiration on custom fabric combinations, check out this season’s Outdoor Color Trends.
  • Ping Designer Chat or visit a Design Center if you need a hand; our service is always complimentary.

Your outdoor pillow inserts—will they stand up to moisture and outdoor elements?

Our outdoor pillow inserts are crafted from blown polyester fiber that’s encased in a water-resistant ticking. They will stand up to the elements, but to maximize their lifespan, we recommend storing them indoors when you’re not using them.

Which fabrics are best outside?

Our 100+ custom outdoor fabrics are fade and UV resistant. Many are crafted by Sunbrella®, and many are bleach cleanable.

Can indoor pillows be used outdoors?

They can for short periods of time. When you take indoor pillows (or any indoor décor, for that matter) outside, they won’t have the same resistance to fading and the elements as pillows made for the outdoors. If a bird flies overhead and leaves an unwelcome gift on your indoor pillow, it’s not going to be as easy to clean as a pillow made from an indoor/outdoor fabric.

Keep in mind that indoor fabrics outdoors can void your product warranty, so make sure you return them to the great indoors right after use.

What about the opposite: Do outdoor throw pillows work indoors?

An outdoor throw pillow can be a great choice for your sunroom or for any room that sees a lot of natural light, or if there’s a pattern that you love and can’t get in an indoor fabric. Their fade-resistant properties will last longer than most indoor fabrics.

An indoor/outdoor fabric isn’t going to have the same feel as an indoor fabric. If the texture of solution-dyed polyester bugs you in an indoor room, then you’ll want to find an indoor fabric alternative. If you’re fine with it, then you can mix and match to your heart’s desire.

Do your outdoor throw pillows come in more than one size?

Yes. We offer two sizes: 20" square pillows and 14" x 20" lumbar pillows. Mixing sizes can make your pillow arrangements more visually interesting.

Do you have more questions? Click the Designer Chat icon, or contact your local Design Center—we’re happy to help!