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    • Colton Leather Low Headboard

      from $1,750.00
    • Colton Headboard

      from $1,680.00
    • Colton Tall Headboard

      from $1,880.00
    • Colton Low Headboard

      from $1,480.00
    • Colton Leather Tall Headboard

      from $2,550.00
    • Colton Leather Headboard

      from $2,150.00
    • Alison Headboard

      from $1,460.00
    • Jensen Headboard

      from $1,330.00
    • Isabel Headboard

      from $1,460.00
    • Rania Custom Headboard

      from $1,360.00
    • Elsen Custom Headboard

      from $1,360.00
    • Isabel Leather Headboard

      from $1,950.00
    • Jensen Leather Headboard

      from $1,850.00
    • Alison Leather Headboard

      from $1,950.00

    Designer FAQs: Fabric & Leather Headboards

    What is a headboard? Will my Ethan Allen headboard go with the bed frame I already have?

    Your headboard is positioned at the top of your bed, where your head goes when you sleep. To transform your headboard into a bed, simply add a frame for your mattress and foundation. Our fabric and leather headboards are designed to be used with an Ethan Allen metal bed frame. If you order our bed frame, you can be 100% confident that it’s compatible with your new headboard.

    What if I want a fully upholstered base?

    If you prefer a tailored base style to a simple metal frame, choose one of our upholstered beds. You can select either a standard base or a storage base with a drawer.

    Are headboards in style? Do I have to have one?

    An upholstered headboard visually defines your bed space and provides a focal point for your bedroom. In addition to being beautiful, it provides a handy cushion between your head and the wall—no accidental head bumps! That said, you don’t have to have a headboard; you can stack your foundation and mattress on the floor if you want! But if you prefer your bedroom to have a more designed, finished look, a headboard will instantly pull your space together.

    Can you lean back against a headboard?

    Yes, although some headboards will feel more comfortable than others! One major advantage of having an upholstered headboard is that, in addition to looking beautiful, they enable you to lean back comfortably and feel cushioned support.

    With that said, it’s important to invest in high-quality fabric and leather upholstery for your headboard. That’s because natural oils from hair and skin, over time, can build up on an upholstered headboard, so it should be crafted from a fabric or leather that is durable, stain resistant, and easy to clean.

    We offer a wide range of performance fabrics and protected leathers. If you want to see some samples—

    • Navigate to the product page of a fabric or leather headboard that you like.
    • Find the list of available fabrics or leathers, and click on the circle icon to see its name.
    • Enter the name into the search field at the top of the web page.
    • Click on the fabric name where it appears on the next page.
    • Order your swatch (availability can vary; if it’s out of stock, keep checking back).

    What are some of the decorative options available on upholstered headboards?

    The customizations we offer on fabric and leather headboards vary by frame, so check your headboard’s web page or ask a designer to see what’s available. You may also be able to find more options in Design Centers than you can find online.

    With that said, here are some examples of how you can give an upholstered headboard some added pizazz:

    • Tufting: We offer diamond tufting (the deep, traditional tufts you’ll see on a Chesterfield sofa) and grid tufting, which has a slightly more modern appeal.
    • Welt: Like piping on a dress shirt, a welt gives the edge of your upholstery a crisp, finished look. A contrast welt in a different color from your fabric can create a nice visual pop.
    • Nailhead trim: Nailheads add a studded look around the edge of your upholstered headboard. They’re usually offered in one or two metal finish options online, but if you want to see more choices, visit a Design Center.

    All of our customizations are tailored or applied by hand in our North American workshops.

    How do I know my upholstered headboard will fit in my space?

    It’s really important to measure your space to make sure that your new headboard will have enough clearance around its top and sides.

    For an even better visual of how your new upholstered headboard will look in your space, download our EA inHome® app. It’s not 100% accurate down to the millimeter—full disclaimer—but by positioning the bed in your room through augmented reality, the app will give you a ballpark idea about what your headboard will look like.

    If you’re thinking of redoing more elements in your bedroom in addition to purchasing a new upholstered headboard, try our 3D Room Planner to play with different floor plan ideas and to add pieces like dressers, artwork, lighting, rugs, and more.

    Do you have more questions? Click the Designer Chat icon, or contact your local Design Center—we’re happy to help!