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Ethan Allen is committed to doing all we can to help keep our clients and their loved ones safe. Tip restraints can prevent injury – and even save lives – so we include them with every product for which the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends anchoring. Tip restraint kits are also available to you here, free of charge.


Tip-over prevention tips:

  • Always install the tip restraints that come with your furniture.
  • Never allow children to climb, stand on, or hang off of drawers, doors, or shelves.
  • Wall mount TVs whenever possible; however, all televisions (including flat screen styles) that are not wall mounted should still be anchored to the wall. Anchors for securing televisions are available at retail and hardware stores.
  • When TVs aren’t wall mounted, place them on or in furniture designed to hold them, such as media centers, media cabinets, and TV stands, and anchor the furniture to the wall.
  • To learn more about tip-over risks and prevention, visit CPSC’s website: anchorit.gov