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      Clement Night Table

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      Clement Open Night Table

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      Regis Night Table

    • Continental Night Table

    • Montclaire Night Table

    • Georgetown Night Stand

    • Heston Oak Glass-Top Night Table

    • Reagan Night Table

    • Montclaire Small Night Table

    • Heston Glass-Top Night Table

    • Canton Small Night Table

    • Burke Night Table

    • Powell Night Table

    • Alec Night Table

    • Ashland Night Table

    • Eugene Night Table

    • Heston Three-Drawer Night Table

    • Canton Night Table

    • Reagan Small Night Table

    • Daryn Chest

    • Merrick Night Table

    • Continental Small Night Table

    • Cayman Night Table

    • Jason Night Table

    • Valermo Small Night Table

    • Wyatt Night Table

    • Ashland Small Night Table

    • Beatrice Night Table

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    • Louis Night Table

    • McLevin Night Table

    • Colin Night Table

    • Valermo Night Table

    • Jason Small Night Table

    • Louis Small Night Table

    • Merrick Small Night Table

    • Roselyn Night Table

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    • Penrose Night Table

    • Archer Modern Night Table

    • Bergen Night Table


    Designer FAQs: Bedside Tables

    What are night tables used for?

    Most people use them as a place to put bedside lamps, alarm clocks, and necessities they want to keep by their bed, like their reading glasses, the remote control, or their phone. If you’ve ever tried living without a night table, then you’ve learned the hard way what useful pieces of furniture they are!

    What’s the difference between a nightstand and a bedside table?

    There may be some technical answers about that—for example, that a nightstand usually has a drawer—but the truth is that terms like nightstand, bedside table, bedside end table, and night table are used interchangeably. Instead, focus on the features you want: do you want a bedside table with open shelves, with drawers, a glass-top night table, or a combination of all three?

    What height should a bedside table be? Should my nightstand be taller than the bed or lower than the bed?

    It’s impossible to craft a night table that’s the perfect height for everyone because everybody’s sleep surface—where they’re positioned atop their bed’s mattress and foundation—varies. The ideal scenario is for the top of your bedside table to be about even with the top of your mattress, so measure what you have, and check your night table’s height before you order.

    Alternatively, if you’re buying a new bed and mattress set, consider the height of your new sleep surface in relation to the top of your night table.

    Is it okay to have just one night table?

    Sure, particularly in a tight space or if your bed is positioned with one side against a wall. If you do have room to accommodate two bedside tables on either side of your bed, having both will keep your bedroom looking visually balanced. You can even place two different night tables on either side of your bed if you’re feeling more eclectic—it’s entirely up to you.

    What can I use instead of a bedside table?

    A lot of our living room end tables can also do double duty as bedside end tables, so if you don’t see something you love, click over to our end tables page and check those out! Just be careful about pairing our smaller accent tables with your bed. The narrower width may work well in a snug space, but make sure the table is tall enough that you won’t have to lean over to reach the top.

    A lot of furniture brands make night tables. Why should I buy one from Ethan Allen?

    Here’s our pitch: It’s all about the quality. A night table made in Ethan Allen’s North American workshops is going to be crafted from wood that we’ve kiln-dried ourselves. It will have quality woodworking features, like dovetail joinery for drawers and wood finishes that are applied by hand.

    If you choose a glass-top night table, the top will be crafted from tempered glass, which resists shattering. All types come with levelers, so your night table won’t be wobbly even on an uneven floor. Our night tables are crafted for long-lasting durability, functionality, and beauty. That’s why they’re worth the investment.

    Do you have more questions? Click the Designer Chat icon, or contact your local Design Center—we’re happy to help!