How to Choose
Artwork for Your Home

Wall art is very personal; some liken it to putting your heart on display! Choosing artwork for your home is only the beginning: You also need to arrange it and hang it properly. Read on for our designer tips and tricks that will help you get a better picture of how to artfully add unique personality to your home.

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How to Arrange Wall Art

A statement piece is just that; a piece of art that’s made to “wow” with its impressively large size. A beautiful statement piece is meant to hang solo and often will dictate colors, patterns—even furniture and accent choices—in a space.

To create a cohesive look, it’s best to center your statement piece no more than 6” above your sofa or console. Otherwise hang at average eye level, 57” from the floor.

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A pair of pictures can visually widen or heighten the space in a room, by hanging them side by side, or one on top of the other. Finding shared attributes, like frame sizes, styles, or finishes, or subject matter that mirrors or complements, is key to creating a dynamic wall décor duo.

For hanging horizontally, find the middle of each picture and hang them so these middles are at eye level. For hanging vertically, think of them as one large picture and hang their mid-point at eye level.

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A gallery wall doesn’t have to have a theme, so you have the creative freedom to mix frames, sizes, and subject matter. It also gives loose rein for positioning, so you can sprawl them across a wall, or gather them in a gorgeous cluster. Odd numbers work best for creating visual interest and balance.

Try cutting sheets of paper to match the sizes and shapes of each of your pictures, then hanging them on the wall with painter’s tape. This way, you can move them around as much as you want until you achieve the look you’re going for.

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Our solid wood frames are hand constructed in North America by master craftspeople and go through a rigorous 10-point quality inspection

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To preview artwork on your walls before you buy it, try our EA inHome® app. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Historic details with formal graces


Al fresco elements for laid-back living


Seaside daydreams in a palette of sand and sky


Subjective and objective in new perspectives

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Create Your Own Custom Art

With our Custom Frame Studio, if you love it, we’ll frame it with the exacting care you expect from Ethan Allen.

Select from Our Artwork

Pastoral scenes, abstract designs, antique reproductions—if it speaks to you, we can make it sing with your style.

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Upload Your Own Photo

Family portraits, wedding candids, scenes from your travels—if it’s dear to your heart, we can ensure the memories last.

START YOUR UPLOAD upload your own photo to print and frame


Give your favorite art pieces the true gallery treatment with one of our picture lights. Adjustable and sculptural, they brighten colors and deepen shadows, bringing your artwork's unique beauty to the fore.

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How to Hang Wall Art

Each piece of artwork you order from Ethan Allen arrives with a handy kit that includes everything you need to hang your new piece with ease—and without wires!

Watch our video and see for yourself how simple it really is.

Come hang with our world-class designers

Our knowledgeable Ethan Allen designers are masters at composing one-of-a-kind arrangements with artwork that speaks to you, your style, and your space.

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