Ethan Allen Trade Program Terms & Conditions

Ethan Allen Retail, Inc. reserves the right to make all Trade Program membership determinations at its sole discretion. Each eligible individual must individually apply for membership; no company-wide or group memberships will be granted.

Employees of Ethan Allen Global, Inc., its parent, or affiliates, and employees of authorized Ethan Allen retailers are not eligible to participate in the Trade program. If you were previously employed by Ethan Allen, you are eligible for Trade Membership 12 months after leaving the company in good standing.

Upon acceptance to the Trade Program, members shall receive the following rewards:

  • Interior designers earn 7% cash back on cumulative Ethan Allen orders up to $25,000 beginning July 1 of each year. Upon attaining more than $25,000 in cumulative orders, the cash back rate will increase to 10%. Cash back rates are based off written orders and reset annually every July 1 to 7%.
  • Home stagers, builders, and architects will receive a 2% cash back on all orders.
  • Clearance items are excluded from Trade program cash back benefits.

Any client of a Trade Program member who, subject to the terms and conditions hereof, makes a purchase is a referred client.

In order to receive the referral fee, the Trade Member must ensure that

  • they provide their Vendor ID in the Design Center when placing the order; or
  • they are logged into their account when placing their order.

It is the responsibility of the Trade Program member to advise the Ethan Allen Design Center of the referral or to process the order correctly on The referral fee shall not be due unless and until—

  • the Trade Member or referred client has provided the Trade Member’s Vendor ID to the Ethan Allen Design Center, or the Trade Member was logged into their account for an online purchase; and
  • the products purchased have been delivered, accepted, and paid for by the referred client.

Ethan Allen shall issue the referral fee to the member on or around the 15th of the month following the month of delivery, subject to adjustments for canceled orders, product returns, or accommodations.

Referred clients are eligible for the same benefits and product warranties as any other Ethan Allen client with the full support and backing of Ethan Allen’s vertically integrated system, which includes product preparation and Premier In-Home Delivery. All purchases made by the referred client shall be at the then-current retail prices in effect either at the authorized Ethan Allen Design Center where the purchase is made or on

Trade Program purchases do not qualify for tax exemption, unless the referred client has his/her own tax exempt certificate. A Trade Member’s tax exempt certificate cannot be used by referred clients.

In no event will Ethan Allen be liable for any loss of profits, loss of use, incidental, consequential, indirect, or special damages arising out of the Trade Program, whether or not such party had advance notice of the possibility of such damages. This Agreement shall be construed and controlled by the laws of Connecticut. Any litigation arising out of this Agreement shall take place in Connecticut, and all parties irrevocably consent to jurisdiction of the state and federal courts there. Ethan Allen’s liability for any action under this Agreement shall be limited to $25,000.

Ethan Allen Retail, Inc. respects your privacy. As a member of the Trade Program, you also have an account on Therefore, you may receive communications from us about events and promotions. To review our privacy policy, please visit

Ethan Allen reserves the right to terminate the Trade Program or any membership at any time, without notice. Ethan Allen may also alter or cancel the program or change these Terms & Conditions from time to time, without notice. Ethan Allen will post changes to the Trade Program at Any changed Terms & Conditions become effective immediately upon being posted, and your continued use of your membership constitutes your agreement to the then-current Terms & Conditions.

The Trade Program applicant agrees to these Terms & Conditions and attests that they are not affiliated with Ethan Allen, its parent, or affiliates, and nothing herein shall be construed to create in any manner whatsoever any employer-employee, principal-agent, partnership, or joint venture relationship between Ethan Allen and a Trade Program member or any of a member’s agents, subcontractors, or employees. By participating in this program, members will make necessary disclosures, if any, to their clients and/or brokers.