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    Callum Large Office Island


    Callum Small Office Island


    Continental File Bookcase with Bridge Desk


    Augusta Secretary Desk

  • Archer Modern Desk

  • Reid Desk

  • Leahy Sawhorse Desk


    Continental Extended Bridge Desk

  • Verena Glass-Top Sawhorse Desk


    Callum Grand Office Island

  • Faraday Classic Three-Piece Extended Bridge Desk


    Callum Large Extended Bridge Desk, Glass Doors

  • Faraday Classic Three-Piece Office Island



Where is the best place to put my desk in my home office?

A desk is the focal point of any home office, so getting its placement just right is important—and very personal. First, consider your work style; if you find that an outside view recharges you, then face your desk towards the natural light of your window. Otherwise, it’s best to center your desk under a light fixture facing your door. If you are sharing your office space, then you may want to employ two smaller desks and place them on either side of your room. But the most important thing to consider is access to electrical outlets—they may very well be the deciding factors on where you will place your desk! Want to see what your new desk looks like with your existing furniture and décor Try our EA inHome® app and see it all using the magic of augmented reality.

What do I do if I don’t have space for a large office desk?

At Ethan Allen, we have desks in all sizes, shapes, and styles to accommodate all types of space (or lack thereof). Many of our sleeker, more streamlined options, like Our Verena Glass-Top Sawhorse Desk, are not only perfect in smaller spaces, but they can also do double-duty as a console table. This is especially great for smaller areas because you can switch from office space to living space just by tucking away your laptop. Need to see it to believe it? Try using our 3D Room Planner , which lets you play with different desks in a 3D rendition of your actual space.

What size should a computer desk be?

The standard measurements of a multi-use computer desk are 60” x 30” by 30” high. Our Duke 60” Double Pedestal Desk is sized perfectly to allow for ample storage and surface space. Let one of our world-class designers help you choose from its 23 styles that can be arranged in a multitude of configurations to fit any design and work need.

What is the difference between a computer desk and a writing desk?

Computer desks are larger, offer generous storage, and take up more space. They are best for those who run a business out of their home, need the space for large desktop or gaming computers, or want to have their printer next to their computer. A writing desk is smaller and its workspace narrower, often with just one or two drawers. They are ideal for laptops and everyday work and homework assignments.

What is a secretary desk?

A secretary desk, like our Augusta Secretary Desk, is a self-contained office “island” featuring a drop-down surface space for a laptop, as well as storage below. It’s great for smaller spaces, like apartments, where there isn’t a separate room for an office, because you can easily close it up and put the workday to rest when you’re done.

How much knee space do I need under my office desk?

The suggested minimum under-desk clearance depth is about 18” for knees and 24” for feet. The minimum width should be 20” for feet and 21” for knees. Desk chairs should be adjusted to help obtain these ideal measurements for the utmost comfort.

Are Ethan Allen home office desks good quality?

All our desks are crafted of the finest materials by artisans who follow our rigorous standards and specifications. Each desk is a hardworking example of quality craftsmanship and made to last for years to come.

Do you have more questions? Click the Designer Chat icon, or contact your local Design Center—we’re happy to help!