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    Raw Silk Pillow

    Now $152.00
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    Travale Cut Velvet Pillow

    Now $144.00
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    Tawny Wolf Faux Fur Pillow

    Now $180.00
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    Velvet Zebra Pillow

    Now $176.00
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    Faux Fur Mink Pillow

    Now $200.00
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    Blonde Fox Faux Fur Pillow

    Now $180.00
  • Velvet Square Pillow

    Now $196.00
  • Mixed Blue Abstract Pillow

    Now $124.00
  • Velvet Lumbar Pillow

    Now $148.00
  • Fern Jacquard Pillow

    Now $55.00
  • Leather Square Pillow

    Now $332.00
  • Moss Stitch Pillow

    Now $60.00
  • Looped Pillow, Natural

    Now $112.00
  • Salena Square Pillow

    Now $68.00
  • Sequined Velvet Pillow

    Now $69.00
  • Custom Sherpa Pillow

    Now from $80.00
  • Overdyed Blue Floral Pillow

    Now $104.00
  • Leather Lumbar Pillow

    Now $220.00
  • Woven Silk Pillow

    Now $128.00
  • Ikat Pillow

    Now $196.00
  • Cut Velvet Damask Pillow

    Now $124.00
  • Brodey Pillow

    Now $232.00
  • Blue and Green Chevron Pillow

    Now $124.00


What are decorative pillows called?

Most decorative pillows are lumped together in a single “throw pillow” category, but did you know different sizes and shapes have different names? Here are the types of throw pillows we offer at Ethan Allen:

  • Square: Square throw pillows are the classic shape, which we offer in multiple sizes to help you craft a dimensional look on your bed or sofa.
  • Lumbar: Rectangular pillows of various widths, lumbar pillows make great companions for relaxing or create visual interest in a decorative pillow display.
  • Bolster: These long, rounded pillows with flat ends are shaped like a cylinder and provide support for your back, shoulders, legs, or knees while you’re laying down.

What are throw pillows used for?

Throw pillows are one of the most useful décor pieces around. They can complement or match color themes in a room, and either inspire or take cues from other décor, drapes, wall color, or area rug choices. They can also define whether a space is trim and classic, relaxed country or coastal, or has a more livable and vibrant modern feel. Last but not least, throw pillows are a comfortable addition to family movie night or weekend naps on the sofa.

What is the difference between throw pillows and cushions?

Cushions come with your sofa and are usually made of a sturdier filler and fabric, so they have a more structured form. Throw pillows are usually added separately to enhance décor and complement the sofa style while adding extra comfort. Throw pillows are also sometimes called scatter cushions or accent pillows.

How many throw pillows should be on a couch? My partner says I have too many!

Ah, a debate for the ages! The answer is: zero to as many as you want. As long as you and your family, or guests, have room to sit comfortably, it’s really a matter of choice. We think three to five is a good number to start with depending upon the size of your sofa.

To get a better idea of what number and styles of our throw pillows you like, you can play around placing them on our different sofa configurations using our 3D Room Planner. Or try our EA inHome® app and see what our sofas and pillows will look like in your space through the magic of augmented reality. Ask a designer for help or explore on your own!

How do you decorate a couch with throw pillows?

Decorate your sofa with as few or as many pillows as you like. Fewer pillows makes for a minimalist look, while an abundant collection crafts a cozy vibe for relaxing. If you’re picking up a few throw pillows for a room you already love, let colors and motifs from your existing décor inspire you. Pillows that pick up the main colors in your room’s palette create a harmonious look, while pillows in a less-used color can make that shade pop!

Throw pillows can also add texture or dimension to your sofa or bed. Choose a variety of fabrics—leather, faux fur, Sherpa, or embellished with beading or sequins—to craft your favorite vibe, whether you’re going for glam or cozy.

If you’re starting a room from scratch, you can work with one of our professional designers to curate a look, or browse our designer-made sofa pillow arrangements for pillowscape inspiration!

Are Ethan Allen custom throw pillows good quality?

Yes! You’ll see the time and talents of our partner artisans in every well-crafted detail. To construct our versatile offerings, our partners only use fabrics, feathers, and down inserts that meet or exceed our rigorous quality standards.

Did you know that you can have custom pillows made from one of our hundreds of fabric choices in the Design Center? One of our professional designers can help you curate a color palette and choose complimenting textures for a pillow scene that’s all yours.

If you don’t want to wait, our in-stock pillows you see online still offer you custom quality, all the way down to details like embroidery and beading—your pillows will just be delivered faster than their custom cousins.

Do you have more questions? Click the Designer Chat icon, or contact your local Design Center—we’re happy to help!