Since our beginning nearly 90 years ago in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Ethan Allen has evolved as a brand that is recognized for making quality furniture that reflects the great American design journey.

We are proud to make almost 75% of our products in North America. The synergy that this provides has helped us maintain a vibrant U.S. manufacturing base and the jobs that go with it, while also providing job opportunities to people in Mexico and Honduras. It also supports our approximately 300 global Design Centers.

Our Classic, Country & Coastal, and Modern attitudes of today draw from the heritages of the many people who journeyed from all parts of the world, bringing with them their design sensibilities and entrepreneurial spirits.

Our policy and a source of pride for us is how we treat all of our associates with dignity and respect. We do this across all of our facilities in North America by ensuring uniform environmental and safety standards, and in some cases, even providing on-site medical care. For these actions we have received numerous environmental and safety commendations regarding our North American manufacturing operations.

COVID-19 may have challenged us all, but it has certainly brought out our best American ingenuity. While we have also faced disruptions, our counter-industry decision to remain invested in our own North American workshops has proven to be our strategic advantage during this time of crisis.

I would like to thank all our associates for their commitment and dedication. We are honored that our proud American brand helps to make the American home!

Farooq Kathwari
Chairman, President and CEO since 1988

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