Leadership Principles

Good governance is good for profitability – and good for our talented and committed team. As a group we embrace ten key Leadership Principles, which define our commitment to excellence. Living by these principles is paramount. They are the compass that guides us to achieve our full potential, both as individuals within the company and as a major player in the industry.


Provide leadership by example.


Understand that change means opportunity and do not be afraid of it.


Be accessible and supportive, and recognize the contributions of others.


Maintain a competitive advantage by reacting quickly to new opportunities.

Client Focus

Our first responsibility is to our clients. Client service is our highest priority.

Hard Work

Establish a standard of hard work and practice it consistently.

Excellence + Innovation

Have a passion for excellence and innovation.


Establish priorities by clearly differentiating between the big issues and the small ones.


Have the confidence to empower others to do their best.


Always make decisions fairly. Justice builds confidence and trust, which in turn encourages motivation and teamwork.

Farooq Kathwari

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