Ethan Allen | Disney: It all started with a mouse

Fun, expressive Disney-inspired styles for the kid in you come together with Ethan Allen quality to satisfy your grown-up side. To develop this gorgeous line of inspired-by-Disney furniture, our designers combed through Disney's collection of artwork from decades past, looking for sweet sentiments and "aha!" moments. The result is a Disney-inspired furniture collection like no other, with a full range of Ethan Allen | Disney lighting, eye-catching artwork, performance rugs, and more. The selection includes styles perfect for kids' rooms, family rooms, playrooms, home offices, and more. You can display your Disney pride with bold Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse designs, or choose glam inspired-by-Disney furniture—the connection may not be as visible to the non-enthusiast, but you'll know that Ethan Allen | Disney every piece, somewhere, has a hidden Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse tucked away.