• About Us

    Maybe the reason people have been living with Ethan Allen for generations is because Ethan Allen is so easy to live with. Since 1932, we've specialized in creating icons of livable luxury. Those beautifully designed, beautifully crafted classics that become as much a part of your style as that little black dress or favorite pai Read More

  • Career Opportunities

    Before there was Ethan Allen Interiors, there were Nathan Ancell and Theodore Baumritter, the company's co-founders. In 1932, the brothers-in-law from New York City founded the Baumritter Corporation and began selling small housewares. Four years later, the two purchased a bankrupt furniture factory in Beecher Falls, Vermont, where they began prod Read More

  • Investor Relations

    We run the business in the interests of our stakeholders. In creating the well-designed home, we provide highquality products, service, and value to our clients; high-quality management for our shareholders; and high-quality employment for our team. The com Read More

  • Leadership Principles

    Good governance is good for profitability – and good for our talented and committed team. As a group we embrace ten key Leadership Principles, which define our commitment to excellence. Living by these prin Read More