Sustainable Forestry

Ethan Allen’s future depends on healthy, well-managed forests. Our log and lumber director is a professionally trained and experienced forester, and most of Ethan Allen’s lumber requirements are satisfied with native hardwood species, including soft and hard maple, black cherry, ash, and yellow birch. These trees regenerate naturally by seeding and by stump and root sprouts. Because of this natural regeneration, hardwoods do not have to be planted. In fact, the natural regeneration often has to be thinned because it becomes too dense. There is approximately 82% more hardwood stock today than there was in 1952.

Although Ethan Allen owns very little timberland, we encourage our suppliers to use scientifically sound forest management practices on theirs. Much of our lumber comes from lands that are intensively managed by professional foresters on a sustained yield basis. These forest managers create conditions that are favorable for producing the type of high-quality timber we require for our furniture. We work very closely with these suppliers to achieve a climate that provides for a balanced and fully integrated use of the resource. We also work very closely with our suppliers of nonnative species, such as mahogany, to ensure that the lumber we obtain has been legally harvested from properly managed forests.