The media room is the new family room.

No room has evolved over the last few decades quite like the family room. Maybe your earliest memory takes place in a wood-paneled version: pillows propped up on the shag carpet while you sprawled out to watch your favorite shows in black and white. Or perhaps you recall a more formal room—one you never quite knew how to get comfortable in. Whatever your earliest (or favorite) memory is, one thing is certain—those valuable moments tucked between work’s chaos and life’s to-dos are more precious than ever – we don’t just want family rooms, we need them.

“Each of our media solutions is unique, without sacrificing style, functionality, or technology.”

Technology (and the comforts that enhance it) has paved, in large part, the way for many of our family room iterations – from the advent of color television to the ubiquitous sectional sofa and recliner chair, to the recent popularity of high definition television, technology is no longer considered the wave of the future, but the standard of today. And as families start spending more time at home, we start working on even better ways to make ‘home’ exactly the kind of place we want it to be – and that includes embracing technology in the most stylish and practical way possible. This is how the media room was born.

Because of the way we spend our time, the media room is literally the new family room. And that doesn’t mean the same thing to everybody. When it comes to storage and display, one person’s tucked-away video cabinet could be another person’s full-scale SmartWall. You might be faced with room size constraints (big or small) neighbors to consider (upstairs, downstairs, next door), or budgets to adhere to (we all have those!). It’s important to consider all the facts when figuring out the smartest, most efficient and best-looking option for you, your family, and your growing needs.

We’ve created a collection of media solutions that cater to a range of variables – so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find one that works for your lifestyle. Each one is unique, and none of them sacrifice style, functionality, or technology. We can help as little or as much as you like – that’s our mantra.

With a full range of solutions, including our new, configurable SmartWall(which we’re sort of thinking is more brilliant, really), we have truly created a one-stop shop for fashioning a well-designed media room. From shades that block light to rugs that keep sound from bouncing – we’ve thought of it all. We can even suggest some good movies to get you started.

So whether you are in a non-committal, planning stage or already have the invitations mailed out for your first movie night, we can help you choose the perfect media solution for your lifestyle – the only thing left for you to do will be to make the popcorn.

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