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Medium Teal Ribbed Vase

Item#: 439847B

Item# 439847B
$109.00 Now  $89.00

Dimensions: 5" dia. x 15.50"h

Item#: 439847B


Available in design centers only

In Design Centers


Using techniques that have been in place for centuries, this piece was crafted by at least a dozen craftsmen. Recycled glass is mixed with new batch silica and made molten. Hands lift and turn the tools; mouths blow the glass; years of experience enable the manipulation of molds, the careful cooling, the deft and sure hand-cutting of the finished piece. At any step, in less capable hands, the glass could shatter. The artisans' skill and attention to detail make all the difference. A piece may take up to 10 days to complete. Because they're made by hand, every one is unique.