Create a decorator look.

If the union of superb colors, patterns, and finishes pleases you on a level deeper than the sum of its parts, we understand. If you have ever thought of a room as exquisitely dressed, or marveled at some small detail – a piece of finery, a couturier’s trick of the trade, you imagine – that transformed something much larger, we know: fabrics speak to your heart.

“A pop of color and a beautiful fabric can make such a statement.”

When you set about decorating a room, your first task is to choose a theme, or define the vibe you want to project. Then, pick your colors. Now – layer in the fabrics.

You’ll need a focal fabric – think great textural solid or a large-scale pattern. To keep your textile mix interesting, select at least two other fabrics with different patterns and/or textures. With your fabric choices made, it’s your turn to have the ‘couture’ moment you’ve long admired. A focus on the details makes all the difference – and makes the ordinary extraordinary. Ruffles, shirrs, pleats, contrast welting, self welting, fringes, buttons, ties, trims – all for your consideration, all in an opulent array of colors and finishes.

When the pieces come together, you’ll see the transformation you’ve created with your fabrics’ luxurious textures, rich tones, and well-chosen patterns. You’ll marvel at the details. And you will have your own exquisitely dressed room.

We offer thousands of beautiful fabrics – think of us as your one-stop-shop for any look you want to create.

At your local Design Center, you can see and feel them for yourself: thousands of fabrics, all coordinated by color, pattern, and texture, at your fingertips. Come in and play. A design pro can help you get started.

Classic design. Modern perspective.℠

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